• Matching your jewellery to your face

In this guide we will give you some guidelines for matching you jewellery to your face so that whatever you wear will complement you perfectly.

First step – measuring your face

You need to understand what shape your face has. There are several different types of faces and each one has a different style of jewellery that complements it.

To measure your face you'll need a measuring tape. Hold the tape from the lowest point of your chin straight up to your forehead where your hairline starts. Then measure the vertical element of your face by placing the tape on one of your jawlines (under the earlobe) and stretch a straight line across the face to the other jawline. The next step will be to measure the inner face by measuring the line between your two cheekbones, use the top of your cheekbones as the point of contact and measure the length between the two. The final step will be to measure your hairline from one end to the other (use a hair clip or band to make your life easier).


Second step – defining your face’s shape

Now that you have all the measurements written down you can use them to analyse what type of face you have. There are five types of faces –Round, square, oval, heart and diamond.

Round face is symmetrically even with all measurements being even. Your face is as wide as its long.

Square faces have their jawline and hairline at a similar length as their shape is longer than its width.

Oval face is about 1.5 longer than it is wide. It is between square and round.

Heart face is narrower at the jawline and forehead but wide at the cheekbone line.

Diamond face is a bit similar to hard from a measuring perspective given that the chin and forehead are narrower than the cheekbone line but the chin should be the narrowest following by the forehead and the cheekbone.

Here is an illustration to help you understand the shapes;


Third step – matching jewellery to face style

Round type of face will match very well with a bit of a contrast such as a long necklace or dangle earrings. You can also opt for non-round shapes for your pendant and earring such as square or trapezoid shape.

 Square faces should try and ‘round’ their appearance using round pendants and hoops earrings.

Oval is the versatile in the group meaning you can pretty much pull it off with any type of jewellery.

Heart shape faces will want to add a bit of roundness to their lower ‘pointy’ part of the face and better opt for a short chain and go with a heart or triangle shape dangles.

Diamond style faces are similar to heart as they want to give a rounder look to their narrow chin and will also prefer a short necklace or chain and perhaps hoops earrings as well to take away from the narrow top.