• Matching your jewellery to your skin & hair colour

Knowing how to match your jewellery to your look is very important because it will help you build your essential wardrobe collection without losing your unique style elements. Therefore this guide will explain how to match your jewellery to your skin and hair colour.

First step – skin tone

First step will be to discover your skin tone. Skin tone is the base from where we should start matching everything we put on, from make up to clothes and jewellery. Generally we can divide our skin colour into three tones; Cool, Warm and Neutral.

Cool skin tone – If your veins are blue with blonde, dark brown or black hair and light colored eyes you probably have a cool skin tone. If you burn easily at the beach or have pale skin sometimes with signs of redness you are also in this category.

Warm skin tone - If your veins are green with red or light blonde hair and bright blue, green, or hazel eyes you, most likely, belong to this group. If you tan easily or have an ebony or espresso colored skin you will be considered to have a warm skin tone.

Neutral skin tone - If your skin shows no significant signs of espresso, olive, or redness colours you are have a neutral skin tone. This tone tends to fit in with the cool skin tone category.

Second step – materials

When matching your skin color to your jewellery it is important to choose the right materials such as the colour of the gold and what gems are set in the piece. Now remember, we are only talking about the colours here and not style! No matter whether you wear an elegant necklace for a fancy dinner or a pair of chicky earring to a Sunday brunch, what matters is that your skin tone matches your jewellery.

Cool skin tone – Usually cool skin toners women will match the best with a white gold jewel with a blood red ruby or a blue sapphire and aquamarine. In the Pinterest photos below you can see Princess Diana wears a combination of blue sapphire and diamond earrings together with a pearl and blue sapphire pendant chain. Next to it you see Taylor swift wearing a piece of turquoise earring in a chicy way. We chose to show both photos so that you can see that choosing the right colour can complement your skin and looks no matter what style you choose to wear that day. In one photo you see elegance and the other shows chick but both match fantastic with their skin tone.



Warm skin tone – For the warmer skin tones we would consider yellow gold and earthy shades for the gem choice such as a Citrine, Topaz, Emerald or Peridot. Take a look at the photos below to see, again, how the style does not matter as long as you match your jewel to your skin tone. Victoria Beckham ready for a red carpet event and Halle Berry in a casual look both look stunning as they match their skin tone to their jewellery.



Luckily for all of us diamonds look good with any skin tone -