Four generations of  jewellery made by husband and wife teams...

Feder Jewellery heritage
Feder Jewelry was established in 1919 in the small town of Kletsk, Poland by Isaac Feder, a master craftsman of precious metals. Together with his opera singer wife Hasia, they grew their business into the “go to” destination for jewellery, silverware gifts and watches in the region.
Isaac’s son Zeev apprenticed in his father’s shop. He quickly showed the same passion, talent, and customer focus as his father Isaac. The outbreak of the second world war, cut short his apprenticeship as he was recruited into the army, fighting bravely for the allied side. Upon his return to Kletsk, he discovered the shop had been ransacked and the town destroyed. In 1949, he emigrated to Israel with his wife Zila and their son Moti. Together they set up a new Feder Jewelelry shop, which continues to serve its loyal customers to this very day.
Moti and his wife Nurit continued the legacy and developed Feder into a leading brand in Israel. From the workshop they set up, they produce some of the finest collections in Israel, creating jewellery which elevates both the everyday and the rare occasion. Their handcrafted designs are exported throughout Europe. As a result of their entrepreneurial and progressive thinking, Moti was elected Chairman of the Israeli Jewellery Merchant Association between the years 1992-2000 and was made a trading member of the Israeli Diamond Exchange.

Growing up in a family of jewelers, Ben was surrounded by women who loved and understood the power of jewelry in pulling together a perfect polished look. Inspired by his wife’s frustration with the lack of practical quality options for women he decided to relocate to London, England, and make it his mission to allow women around the world access to high quality and stylish jewellery that they could wear day in, day out.