• What's the key for a perfect length chain

Choosing your chain’s length is not only a choice of comfort rather a combination of both comfort and style.

 How do we mean by style?

A chain, doesn’t matter whether it is from our chains collection or pendants collection can be emphasized by the clothes you wear. When buying a chain you must think whether the piece will serve you more on a day to day basis or as a signature jewel that will be kept only for those special days? Is it big or small? What colour is the jewel? How deep does the pendant drop?

Once all of these questions are answered you will get an idea of what kind of clothes you have in your wardrobe will match the chain you want to buy. Now that you know what type of clothes you will wear with this jewel you can get the idea of how long you would like it to be.

You can use the picture below to see how different lengths look on a neckline. Although for perfect results we do recommend you measure with a tape a current chain you have (or make one from thread in case you do not yet own a chain) in order to see how each length looks on you.



Normally pendants and chain are 18” long but that really depends on your neck, your figure and preference. There is nothing wrong with going a bit shorter or longer as long as you feel great wearing it, think about it like skinny jeans vs. work chinos.