• The harmony of wearing jewellery

A guide for how to wear your jewellery;

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

When building your wardrobe you have to bare only one thing is mind – harmony.

The reason for that is because there are many elements compiling your looks and no matter how pretty each element is separately they all need to match harmoniously in order to up-lift your look.

In this guide we will try to cover the bases on how to wear jewellery in a way that is time-less yet fashionable and also explain how to integrate your style with your jewellery.

Let’s start from the top (face)–

Earrings- when wearing earrings the most important thing to have in mind is what hair style to match them to. If you are shopping for your daily earrings you have a think first on how do you normally have your hair? Of course it doesn’t mean you are limited for one hairstyle and usually there is more than one style that goes with a piece of earrings but this can give you a starting point. If you have sleek hair, chignon, straight or loose medium waives wearing a statement dangly earrings can complement that by spicing up the look. The complete opposite is true for those with big volume hair that might opt for a simple earring like a stud. It is all about harmony.

Use this guide to know which earrings match your face.

Jennifer Lawrence matches her hair style and make up to these drop earrings and keeping it simple with no chain and a deep neckline.


Chains & Necklaces –

It is all about your neckline when deciding on a chain. If you normally wear a crew neck, high V neck, high scoop neck or a dress shirt than short chains with small to medium size pendants will fit best. The reason behind it is that too many things going on around the same area on your neck destroy the harmony and lose its effect. When you wear a short neckline with a long chain for example, the fabric starts where the chain ends and it create a mess. Instead try to keep it clean and simple.

Deep V and scoop necks, strapless and off-shoulder necks will match with longer style chains and necklaces. When we say long it means either have a long chain with a big pendant or alternatively having a shorter chain with a long drop pendant. Either way you give the chain the stage to do all the talking.

Rings & bracelets –

It is important to match your rings to your bracelets as usually they are seen together when you use your hands while talking, eating or texting. Ideally you would like to have them in the same gold colour, so yellow gold with yellow gold for example - again the concept of harmony kicks in. It means that if you wear a cocktail ring with a large size red ruby you might not want to go with a heavy big bracelet rather with something smaller, thinner perhaps with small rubies around it to complement the ring. The same is true the other way around, saying that if you choose to wear your tennis bracelet today you shouldn’t take away from the elegant look with a signature ring rather harmonise the look with a gentler ring.


A few comments we thought might be useful;

Make sure your nail polish does not clash with your ring colour and avoid wearing a bold and colourful ring with multi-coloured manicures, nail art and glittery nail polish. Harmony, remember?

Another teenage habit that you should drop is stacking up those bangles on your arms. While it was cool when you were 13 going to class parties it conveys a cheap look and practically uncomfortable.

To conclude it is important to always keep in mind the harmony of your outfit and style. Don’t pull the focus away from a statement piece. Coordinate smaller accessories with your statement pieces by keeping them to a minimum and sticking to the same colour or gold.

Chandelier earrings and a cuff bracelet can look beautiful when worn together, while a long necklace and a cocktail ring can match perfectly. Just make sure to select items that coordinate. Try to stick with the same kind of gold and avoid clashing patterns and charms.


“Out of clutter, find simplicity.” 
 Albert Einstein